Since it is for some items (car keys, key chains, bank cards, …) more convenient to stay anonymous one can make use of the ITROVI SERVICE.By making use of this service your items will be handled by us and there will be no direct contact with the finder.

How does it work:

  1. The finder sends a message with the code to ITROVI.
  2. ITROVI sends the finder a label to mail the item free of charge to us.
  3. Simultaneously ITROVI sends and e-mail to the owner to inform him that his lost item has been found.
  4. ITROVI sends the item found to the owner.

Like this the finder is never put in direct contact with the finder and the owner does retrieve his item. All costs are always paid the owner of the item.

Here is the list of costs associated with sending the items.

Price list:

Belgium€ 19.90
Zone 1€ 29.90
Zone 2€ 35.50
Zone 3€ 49,90

These prices are for objects whose owner lives in Belgium and the objects back to his registered address are sent.

Zone 1: France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg
Zone 2: All other European countries
Zone 3: All countries outside EU

without service:

Itrovi is a tool to reunite lost items wit hits owner.

The owner is contacted by the finder through an e-mail informing him that the item has been found. The owner can then contact the finder directly.