HQI / General Internet Disclaimer

  1. This website "www.itrovi.com and all other registered websites with the name ITROVI are property of and are being managed by bvba HQI, registered at the chamber of commerce with the number 0820.706.904.

  2. With this website HQI bvba provides their customers a system to label their possessions in an easy way and with a unique code which can only be provided by ITROVI. When an item provided with such a unique code is found, the finder can import this code into the webapplication to get in contact with the owner of the lost object.

  3. HQI bvba has has done all it could to make the ITROVI website as user friendly as possible. If any problems would occur, there are different ways to solve these, like the help, faq and contact button.

  4. All attempts to hack, infect with a virus or any other way of damaging the ITROVI website or database is illegal and will be prosecuted.

  5. All data shown on the ITROVI website, including products, texts, images, illustrations, graphics, (trade)names and logos are property or licensed to HQI bvba according to the copyright law of 30 june 1994. No part of this website may be reproduced, copied or made public in any way without the preceding handwritten permission of HQI bvba.

  6. The name and the logo of ITROVI are registered trade marks. The system and the technology how the codes are linked to the owner and the way how these registered items can be linked to the owner at retrieval are internationally protected. Nothing can be duplicated regardless the used methods or technology.

  7. Itrovi has a sound construction and the data are situated in a secure location with external partners. These are equipped with the most modern technologies to offer a consent and secure database. HQI bvba does all it can to guarantee the accessibility of the ITROVI website, but can not be held responsible for a temporarily unavailability of the ITROVI website or database, nor for any other technical problems due to among others though not exhaustive: maintenance, upgrades, repair, fortuitous cases, …

  8. ITROVI is only to be used through the hyperlink "http://www.itrovi.com. Other sites may be fake and do not fall within the scope of the responsibility of HQI bvba.

The Dutch version is legally binding, the English version is illustrative.