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Itrovi has developed a progressive technology to return lost items in an easy way to their owners.

Professionals can also make use of Itrovi and we divide its uses over 3 domains.

1/ gadgets or tools

We offer several possibilities to communicate with your customers.
This through a combination of our technology and every possible application, ranging from gadgets to folders. Like this your customer not only receives a key chain with your logo but it will also display our code. When the key chain gets lost, chances of it being retrieved increase significantly, without any possible harm to the privacy of the owner. This is possible when making use of our technology. By doing this the market value of the gadget offered by you is enlarged substantially.

2/ tools

Certain companies are vulnerable when their tools get lost or are stolen.
We fit/equip these tools with our code and in case of loss or theft it becomes easier to trace the owner when these tools are recovered.
One example: a lot of computers with laser technology are equipped with our code. When the computers gets lost (eg. on the train), it becomes very easy for the finder to contact the owner.
When making use of our technology your customers and employees will soon realise the value of our technology.

3/ retail

We offer a broad selection of our own products which we distribute through retail channels.
If you are interested to distribute our products you should contact us as soon as possible.
Offering our products in your shop equals an added surplus, which will enhance your turnover and profit.